Happyforce Kids

Happyforce Kids is a simple system that allows you to improve your children communication making easier interact, talk and connect with their world, worries and motivations..

The user manual is really easy to understand:

  1. Download and print the calendar layout
  2. Invite your children to take two minutes to think about how have the felt and to draw a funny face that will summarise the whole day
  3. Underneath the face you can write some words to highlight what have triggered that emotion: “Mum came to pick me up”, “lentils…”, “Paula’s birthday”, etc.
  4. Take a look every day at the faces the draw and the motivations they lead to draw these faces.

Do not either rush into giving solutions or emit judgements about how they have behaved. Take some time every day to guess and understand how your children see the world.

You will notice that this easy practice provides your children more confidence and a stronger connection with you.

Happyforce Kids is recommended for all ages, from 2 to 99 years old ;). Also try yourself as an exercise in reflection and self-knowledge, then share it with other people in your home and you will see how the conversation begins to flow naturally.

¿Do you need more information about Happyforce Kids?

If you want to improve communication with your kids and discover the origin behind Happyforce Kids you can read Si quieres mejorar la comunicación con tus hijos y conocer el origen de Happyforce Kids puedes leer this post in our blog.

For any suggestion we will be pleased to talk with your at kids@myhappyforce.com.