Corporate Culture Reality Check

Thomas Eckschmidt, Founder of Conscious Capitalism Brazil, CEO of CBJourney, the largest conscious capitalist consultant network in the world and an enthusiast of Happyforce. Today: How to work on your corporate culture

In a perfect world it seems to be quite easy to move from a current culture to a desired culture that leverages our purpose as an organization and allows us to outperform our competitors.

The reality is not quite like this. To start a cultural change or work on your corporate culture, you need to establish trust. You need to allow people to contribute without the fear of making mistakes and being charged for that. How do you get to listen to the employees if there are trust issues in the organization? And if you think there are no trust issues, this is the most dangerous position to be in.

Any change in behavior is a painful process. People naturally do not want to change. People don’t tend to want to leave their comfort zone towards the unknown.

So, get ready to roll up your sleeves and start the hard work.

There are amazing tools out there to support such changes. Most of our corporate culture upgrade programs we use Happyforce as a tool to keep people connected and up to date to the changes that are happening. Ultimately, we move all conversations through the Happyforce app so that there is no noise in the organization. This helps to create a single channel for all conversations, and most important, it help to capture those corridor conversations, and side comments that damage corporate culture.

Our experience with this tool has been amazing. It opens a phycological safe space for employees. Employees can share their concerns, empress their gratitude, raise questions, offer successful ideas in their areas, and keep up with all the latest updates. The tool offers an anonymous interaction which promotes honest comments and feedback. In addition, it allows the employees test their own concerns regarding specific issues. From an employee created feedback comment, the organization has a feel of its relevance, depending on how popular the shared idea is. This helps the leadership team make proper adjustments and also guides employees to find specific solutions when the issue is not relevant for others.

The tool has been amazing to connect distributed operations and help people in different locations to share success cases, stories and keep up to date with company’s news.

These are just a few benefits, the tip of the iceberg, to help the cultural upgrade process. Ultimately when we talk about understanding employee engagement and make annual measurements, we fail dramatically in understanding our teams. No one can have a good feel about their staff with one measurement every 12 months. And if we launch the survey right after the bonus is paid, you might get a type of response that might not be representative of your year.

No parent measures their kids’ temperature only once a year to determine their health. If you really care about your staff, your teams, and you are looking to become a more conscious organizations, purpose driven, recognizing interdependency, creating a responsible culture and being a servant leader to your people, you need to listen more often, you need to really care about the people who are the front line of your organization.

A tool like Happyforce that captures a moving average state of engagement, allows you to have a pulse on where your team stands, launch instant inquiries is priceless for those interested in outperforming the market.

It is this constant measurement that allows us to understand patterns, people, and how we are actually leading. It allows us to spend wisely when targeting areas or groups in need for additional support as opposed to buy training for all staff. People that do not need it might feel disrespected in addition to being a waste of money to train those that have a good performance.

Anyway, a cultural upgrade to leverage your organization’s purpose can be better served with Happyforce. The maintenance of a high performing team can only be supported with a tool just like Happyforce that promotes psychological safety.

Do you have a clear updated purpose? Are your values leveraging your purpose? Are you constantly listening to your teams? Start Activating the fundamentals of conscious capitalism to prepare your organization for the 21st Century Economy and make sure you have a direct and honest connection to listen to your team members.

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