The Power of Appreciation in the Workplace

Appreciation is an essential part of human needs. We want to be appreciated for who we are, what we do and what we achieve. Whether it is at home, in school, at work or just simply self-appreciation, we need it. 😊 Today we are going to talk about the power of appreciation in the workplace

The Key to an Innovative Company — Berlin Meet up

Last week, I had the opportunity to represent Happyforce at the “The Key to an Innovative company” meetup in Berlin. The meetup was organized by Innovation Coach, Sabrina Hauptman and was hosted by Google’s Women Techmakers and the E-Post Deutsche Post. I was invited to speak at the Berlin Meet up by Sabrina, who also invited Sharon Ortega founder of Toast Barcelona. Sabrina wanted us

An interview process: When company culture and objectives align- and it’s obvious.

Happyforce is a service that collects employee data, comments, and testimonials and creates a live snap-shot about how the client company is feeling in the moment, what they are unhappy about, excited about, or what drives conversation. This tool allows management to really understand what is going on within their organization, and take steps to

6 things remote teams do to increase the sense of flow and belonging to the group

On remote working and asynchronous communication Don’t you hate those post titles with numbers? I’m just checking if it drives more reads; no matter the results I’ll never do it again, I promise. When we started Happyforce as a fully distributed company (no offices, nowhere), I thought this new way of organising work would be

Improvement is where God and the Devil fight for the detail

How to find the balance between good-enough and perfect. I’ve recently had a strong argument with our UX director. Having worked on hundreds of apps, she is one of the most experienced mobile UX designers in the world, and –by the way– my wife ????. (Side note: We’ll talk in a next article about the

How badly our brain processes bad feedback… and how to do it right

Happyforce surfaces the reality of your company, area or department as it is. It tells you how your teams are living the day-to-day and how they perceive the decisions you take. “Reality” implies everything: both the good things and the bad things. And it comes true that humans –and managers in particular– have great difficulties to process

Happyforce Kids

Happyforce Kids is a simple system that allows you to improve your children communication making easier interact, talk and connect with their world, worries and motivations.. The user manual is really easy to understand: Download and print the calendar layout Invite your children to take two minutes to think about how have the felt and to draw a funny face

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