Happyforce is now available for Slack and Microsoft Teams 💪🏻

Connect with your employees wherever they are and let them give feedback from their regular workspace.

Expand your action range and generate even more engagement with Hero by Happyforce.

Microsoft Teams happyforce

The Happyforce app experience now in Slack and MS Teams

Pulses, surveys, questions, comments, recognitions and much more.

You will be able to ask questions about different aspects of your company that will help you understand what is happening in your organization.

Have an impact on your employees’ engagement in the era of remote work and distributed teams.

Microsoft Teams happyforce

Recognitions, Suggestions, Thank yous...

Hero by Happyforce lets your employees post directly to your Company timeline as if they were using the app.

All types of feedback are supported! Post anything at any time from Slack or MS Teams.

Hero is also configurable! Your employees will be able to select when can Hero get in touch with them.

Constructive feedback is without any doubt the best tool to learn about and improve your organization!


100% anonymous

Happyforce is anonymous on any platform.

But, as a manager,  you can choose to sign your comments. 

We have put a lot of care in Hero so you can have all the power of Happyforce with the best possible experience.

Respect always has a place when interacting with others,  remember that everything can be said with a smile 🙂

happyforce Microsoft Teams

Increase participation, improve engagement and integrate Happyforce into your company’s natural workflow

You are going to love Hero by Happyforce ❤️

Discover the benefits of measuring your work environment continuously and in real time