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Happyforce turns employee engagement and feedback into actionable insights to increase motivation, reduce stress and elevate your corporate culture.

Connect with everyone, even when working remotely.

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Employee Engagement

Stop guessing, just measure

We analyze in detail the overall state of your workplace environment continuously and in real time.

You will understand your strengths, areas of improvement and you will be able to measure the impact of your actions.



Live your employee’s experience

We help you understand, analyze and interpret the needs of your employees so that you can define your action plan.

Maximize your talent, discover leaders, and build relationships with your employees.


Employee Recognition

Recognition reinforces good practices

Build a culture of recognition that connects good work practices with business purpose and values.


Discover the benefits of measuring the employee experience continuously and in real time

Happyforce allows you to get the daily pulse of your team and organization

With an agile and dynamic channel like Happyforce, geared towards your team and your needs, you can foster a culture of feedback in your company, which will allow you to act based on data and not opinions.

Happyforce questions

Much more than a continuous feedback channel

Thanks to our multiplatform application that acts as a collaborative communication channel.

All your needs are covered with us. Whether you want to create a survey, respond to an employee, measure eNPS or send an official announcement, you can do all of this from our powerful tool feedback in real time.

Manage employee Experience

Through pulses and surveys, you will be able to obtain actionable data about your employees to create and promote a healthy and productive culture.

You will understand:

What worries your teams, What slows down and encourages productivity and what makes your employees happy at work. (and much more)

Cultura de feedback

Indicators designed for continuous improvement

Our automatic analysis of indicators helps define managers’ priorities and reveal opportunities for improvement to create a customized action plan.

Automatic reports and real-time data provide you much greater responsiveness and reaction time than any climate survey.

The essential tool for digital transformation

Based on a mobile app running on a super simple operating system ,with dynamics similar to those of social media, Happyforce is committed to adapting to any type of company at the pace they want.

Increase participation, improve engagement and integrate Happyforce into your company’s natural workflow

You are going to love Hero by Happyforce ❤️

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Roberto - laboratorios quinton

Laboratorios Quinton

Roberto Ruiz

“Happyforce improves the communication between employees and allows us to understand what worries them. Thanks to this, we can take the best measures possible to improve, and we’re also able to know if the staff feels part of the organization and is happy to work with us.”


Lidia Nicolau

“With Happyforce we can identify best practices, positive answers or actions that have a negatve impact in the organization in a more exact way, it also allows us to evaluate specific actions and launch messages, while obtaining very useful feedback from employees.”

lidia Nicolau - habitissimo
jose ramón Castañares - telxius

Telxius Grupo Telefónica

José Ramón Castañares

“We like the swiftness we achieve thanks to Happyforce, to know what’s affecting our staff in real time and being able to solve issues quickly. This tool allows us to turn a simple exchange of information into a real conversation.”

Discover the benefits of measuring the employee experience continuously and in real time