Live your employee's experience

With qualitative feedback analysis we help you understand, analyze and interpret the needs of your employees so that you can create your action plan based on data.

experiencia de empleado

Configurable Feedback

We have five different categories of feedback that we collect from your employees.

These include:

Recognition, Congratulations, Suggestions, Areas of improvement, and / or general information.

With Happyforce you can choose the types of feedback you want to receive.

Automatic qualitative feedback analysis

Our Team reports helps managers understand employee engagement through visual and super-simple charts that analyze and interpret relevant employee trending topics, offers insights to the overall vision of the business and guides their next steps.

Anonymous but with segmentation possibilities

Regardless of the size of your company, Happyforce offers endless segmentation possibilities such as hierarchical segmentation, segmentation by demographic data or clusters for specific groups for onboarding and offboarding.

This data allows managers to compare the data between departments of the organization, go into detail and understand the overarching work environment of each. It empowers managers to understand which groups or teams are doing well and which need more support.