Indicators designed for continuous improvement

We automatically and continuously measure the overall state of your company’s work environment, on the basis of more than 20 cultural indicators



Reward & recognition




Intrinsic motivation

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Happiness Index daily measurement

The Happiness Index is the metric we use to measure employee satisfaction. Every day employees can share how they feel, interact with other colleagues or answer a series of simple questions via the app.

Our system then translates all of this data into a numerical value between 0 and 100 which defines the overall state of the company. It is through the opinions of the employees that the HI is generated.

Extensive catalog prepared by experts with more than 20 indicators of corporate culture

Our extensive question catalog covers any factor in the workplace, from equality and diversity to employee and manager alignment. All our indicators have been carefully curated by psychologists and experts in people management and internal communication.

Our indicators automatically generate real time metrics so that you can quickly and easily understand the strengths and areas of growth of your organization.

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Short and simple questions, backed up by saturation control

Happyforce has a saturation algorithm that is designed to obtain reliable data without “annoying” employees. Our questions, in addition to being short, are composed of use easy-to-understand language to engage all workers in the platform.

All Happyforce data provided by employees is completely anonymous and backed up by strict encryption system. All data is perfectly secured with us.

Intelligent benchmark analytics

Thanks to the intelligent benchmarking from our private database you can position yourself against other companies in your industry or sector. Benchmarking comparisons are updated in real time.

Benchmarking analytics allow you to identify strengths and areas for growth and helps understand where to invest time and money.

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Flexible, Adaptable and Powerful

Do you need to measure something more specific? Do our indicators not cover exactly what you were looking for? No problem! Happyforce is 100% flexible and adaptable to your needs.

Through Happyforce you can easily launch questions to your teams and employees to initiate conversation on specific topics. You can also define indicators and measure their evolution thanks to our infinite data log.

Discover the benefits of measuring the employee experience continuously and in real time