Connect your company's values with employee behaviors and practices through our employee recognition program.

Recognize employees through the values that support and reinforce your company culture and desired workplace behaviors.

employee recognition app screen

Open and Public recognition

Recognition allows individuals to recognize each other on the basis of the companies values through daily behavior and examples of positive performance. This is why all Recognition is publically and transparently granted via the app.

It is through this dynamic that companies are able to create highly positive work environment.

When good practices are recognized, they are often repeated.

Support "top down" and "peer to peer" recognition

A well-designed recognition programme that reinforces company values and behaviours is essential for any business that cares about happy, motivated and productive employees, which is why we don’t exclude anyone.

Any member of your your organization can participate in this recognition culture. You can choose whether you want top down (manager to employees), peer to peer recognition or both.

Recognition Report

“30% of all the messages in Happyforce are in the form of acknowledgments or congratulations”.

The recognition report provides leaders and managers with insights into which core values are being recognized, how often, and how their definition may change over time or across locations.

Discover the benefits of measuring the employee experience continuously and in real time