Asking is for wise people, and with Happyforce it’s now easier than ever

Our surveys reveal how your employees feel about certain topics so that you can focus on improving the aspects of your company to drive results.

Losing contact with your employees is never an option. Even less in the times we are living right now, where companies need to adapt to remote work.

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Choose from our survey catalog so you can start measuring today!

Our surveys catalog include redeveloped surveys that can help you measure some of the most relevant aspects of your company’s culture. You can select these as well as create your own surveys from scratch

Special surveys for special situations

Driven by exceptional situations such as COVID-19, companies have had to adapt extremely fast to this new reality much with little insight on how their employees are handling it.

Through our survey catalog you are able to easily and effortlessly understand how these new changes and transitions affect your employees, and to be able to improve and adequately adapt to this new social work context.

Our predefined surveys have been created by industry experts and professionals.

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The problem doesn't matter if you already know the solution

Feedback is a powerful tool to understand and connect with your employees to make better decisions.

Imagine knowing in seconds whether your employees are aligned with the new objectives of the quarter, or having reports in real time about the new employees are adapting to their departments.

You can detect your strengths and areas of improvement through surveys and take the necessary actions before a problem spreads. In many cases, solutions are provided thanks to feedback too.

Focus on what really matters thanks to feedback from surveys.

Without feedback you really know nothing

📈 Measure what your company needs in order to improve

Create your own surveys easily and intuitively

All surveys are fully customizable. You can create questions, select the participants, and schedule your surveys when you wish.

Multichannel: Your employees can answer the survey by email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or directly through our app.

Get the answers you need to take your company culture to the next level.

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Compare your results

Measure the evolution of your company comparing the previous survey results with the current ones.

We know that data without context is less useful. This is why we provide you with benchmarking so you can compare your scores with other companies too.

We obtain data anonymously from other companies so that you can have a reference and know how you are doing.

Launch, relaunch, compare and segment

You have the flexibility to launch a continuous survey or relaunch it in order to compare results and see how your company is evolving.

Generate reports and share them with managers and executives. Analyze improvements and see the impact of actions day by day.

There are many paths in your trip and Happyforce helps you choose the right one

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Discover the benefits of measuring the employee experience continuously and in real time