Change is always hard, even when everybody agrees that change is necessary. In this session, we will look at why people resist change and how to turn that resistance into a positive force. We will cover questions like, How can I convince management of the need to change the company culture? and As a manager, how do I get employees to make the necessary changes that need to be made in organizations?

Join us in the conversation! Conversation will be driven by two heavyweight change-makers:

Bard Papegaaij is an ex-Gartner analyst that has devoted his live to help companies and teams change for better. He will share a simple but effective model to turn change-resistance into change-energy.

Alvaro de Nicolas is one of the most innovative CIOs in Europe, he is bringing to the table his experience in driving transformation to large teams in corporations.

This webinar will be conducted in English, so it will also be a great opportunity to practice it if it isn’t your mother tonge :)

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