What is the Happyforce badge?

Are you curious or interested about what the Happyforce badge stands for? Of course you are! This is why you’ve been redirected here, we’re here to tell you all about it.

A Happyforce Badge is only awarded to companies who care about the wellbeing of their employees and make it a priority. To help you understand a bit further, let me first explain to you what Happyforce is.

What is Happyforce?

Happyforce is a platform that helps companies and organizations to understand what is happening in their organizations by obtaining daily anonymous feedback and assessments from their employees. 

This assessment covers many aspects of “Employee Engagement” looking into factors such as employee motivation, stress levels, job satisfaction, relationship with their manager,  etc.

With all this data we have created a certification or badge that all of our clients can use on their web pages to proudly show how happy their employees are at work. Keep in mind that a company that exposes that information is a company that is not afraid to show its commitment to its employees.

Happiness Index

The Happiness Index (HI) is a numerical value between 0 and 100 that indicates the general state of the company.

We (Happyforce) do not evaluate the company, but it is the employees themselves who are responsible for assessing it through their daily feedback, interactions and especially with the effort of the managers and administrators who accompany them, guide them and listen to them.

The higher the HI level, the better as it  indicates that the company is doing things very well and employees are reciprocating their efforts and positively value it.

Happyforce Rank

Additionally, looking at all our clients working in different industries and sectors, we generate automatic benchmarking that allows companies to benchamrk themselves within their industry and indentify opportunities. 

The badge has different rankings so if you see “Top 10%”, “Top 20%”, it indicates the position the company or organization is in relation to the rest: if you see for example “Top 10%”, it means that it is in the top 10%.

Here you can see all possible ranking values.

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