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We're here to help you create a more productive organization

Nurture your feedback culture

Increase motivation, performance and agility through a continous and transparent communication. 30% of messages shared through Happyforce are related to recognition

Feedback culture

Connect like never before

Employees participate anonymously through an easy to use mobile app, without the need of a corporate email

Participate anonymously

Act on data not opinions

Happyforce registers a breakthrough record of employee participation: 80% of employees participate monthly and 50% daily.
You will receive continuous and constructive feedback about your organization.

Act on data

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Happyforce is a tool that allows you to communicate directly with your organization every day.

By using Happyforce, you are joining the movement to foster and establish a better work enviornment. Start today by telling your organization how you feel.

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Happyforce allows you to take the daily pulse of your team and organization

With an agile and dynamic tool like Happyforce, oriented towards your team and your needs, you will be able to develop a feedback culture made up of data and not sensations

Look at how it works:

Happy and more productive organizations that use Happyforce

Lidia Nicolau

"With Happyforce we can identify best practices, positive answers or actions that have a negatve impact in the organization in a more exact way, it also allows us to evaluate specific actions and launch messages, while obtaining very useful feedback from employees."

Roberto Ruiz
Laboratorios Quinton

"Happyforce improves the communication between employees and allows us to understand what worries them. Thanks to this, we can take the best measures possible to improve, and we're also able to know if the staff feels part of the organization and is happy to work with us."

José Ramón Castañares
Telxius Grupo Telefónica

"We like the swiftness we achieve thanks to Happyforce, to know what's affecting our staff in real time and being able to solve issues quickly. This tool allows us to turn a simple exchange of information into a real conversation."

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