Bond happiness and performance together

Leadership is taking care of the employees so they can take care of your customers. Having the information and tools to retain talent and motivate people is key.

Manage your team in a simple and respectful way with anonymity.

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The barriers of happiness. What is holding back your team's profitability?

High turnover, low productivity or having a dissatisfied team are problems that are transferred to your service or final product. And these situations are always reflected in the profitability of companies. In addition, the state of mind of the workers is always transferred to the customer experience.


With Happyforce you will be able to discover the origin of any barrier to happiness and profitability and solve it in a simple and dynamic way through open communication with your team. Without increasing efforts in human resources and making the most appropriate decisions to generate the positive impact you need.

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Use communication as the axis of happiness.

Voting resolves conflict, acknowledging and rewarding a good deed generates a positive atmosphere and an informal chat generates smiles. What we know from all our lives as “talking people come to understand each other”.


Generating connections between people and between the different teams translates into a better and healthier functioning of the structure. You will go from fighting for the objectives to achieving them from the point of view of camaraderie and group consciousness.

Create a connection that you can measure daily.

Employees will be able to vote daily, answer questions about their happiness at work, and post comments and ideas that help build community. And you can manage the daily climate of your company from your Smartphone. 


Happyforce allows you to respond to the concerns of your employees, congratulate or solve any situation in a constructive way. And by knowing the climate data you will be able to make the decisions that support your management and leadership strategy.

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The 4 keys that you will master with Happyforce.

We enhance your employee engagement.

You will know your strengths, areas for improvement and the impact of your actions. Happyforce allows you to analyze the work environment continuously and in real time.

1. Measure overall satisfaction with our Happiness Index

2. We count with 20 corporate culture indicators created by experts.

3. Ask simple questions respecting the tranquility and anonymity of the team.

4. Know your position in our company ranking and redefine your strategy

Find out why Happyforce is the platform for respect and a good working environment.

We are dedicated to happiness because we are faithful defenders of the well-being of people, the balance of companies and the good relationship between them. That is why we put at your disposal the mechanisms that help you develop your work and your plans always from the positive side.

We help you understand and configure feedback.

You will detect talent, discover leaders and establish relationships. With Happyforce you will understand their needs and you will be able to define your action plan.

Receive category data such as recognition, congratulations, suggestions...

Download general or detailed reports exportable to Excel.

Segment and meet the needs of groups while respecting anonymity.

Discover trending topics thanks to our semantic engine.

We help you recognize good practices to multiply them.

You will increase personal and work satisfaction and commitment. Happyforce allows you to build a culture of recognition and business values.

Commend publicly and transparently. Encourage good practices.

Choose whether the acknowledgments are “top down”, “peer to peer” or both.

Identify your employee-ambassador and the most active teams

We favor internal communication.

You will communicate in an agile and active way with your employees. Happyforce opens all kinds of channels and even private chat for you.

Publish announcements and official announcements and choose which people or groups will receive them. You can attach images, videos...

Create custom surveys and questions and extract analytics by segments.

Exchange opinions and thoughts with employees while respecting their anonymity.

Customize quick responses that are sent with a click.

Happiness and ease go hand in hand. The advantages of Happyforce.

Behind Happyforce there are years of work, human resources, engineers, managers, algorithms, metrics, programming code… but thats on us. You only have to worry about using the data in your favor.

Personalization and flexibility

The platform is 100% adaptable to the size and characteristics of your company. You will always find what you are looking for!

Simplicity and continuous attention.

You will always have our support from the first moment, but, in addition, communication will help you lead your company!

Make data-driven decisions.

Our utilities will be your tools to develop your plans. Lead the communication of your company!

Reports for your management meetings.

Get the support you need for your presentations. The behavior of your team in an Excel!

Talent management.

The motivation of the team is the key to retaining the figures that add up the most. Improve the employee experience!

Boost productivity or find out what’s holding it back.

Conversation and collaboration will help you improve the development of your activity. Win win!

Digital transformation

Face the future with a pioneering approach that will help you lead this change and the next. Adapt to everything with a single app!

Master the Happiness Index and its 7 indicators. The benefits of Happyforce

The Happiness Index is your benchmark. It is the metric that will allow you to know at a glance the state of your company’s work environment. The data is extracted from 7 indicators that depend on the actions carried out in the environment of your company.


Our platform points out the areas to improve so that the Happiness Index reaches the levels you are looking for and that your employees need.

Measure. Take decisions. Know your impact.

  1. Feedback.
  2. Relaciones.
  3. Employee Net Promoter
  4. Score (eNPS).
  5. Compensación y
  6. Reconocimiento.
  7. Motivación intrínseca.
  8. Bienestar.
  9. Alineación.

30 minutes with Happyforce:
session to implement a profitable happiness plan.

Meet with one of our pioneering experts in the study of happiness at work. We have the first Chief Happiness Officer in Spain!: Sergio Cancelo. We will help you discover how to automatically achieve these objectives with our platform:

Measure the well-being of your teams.

Improve the work environment and employee experience.

Transform the culture of your organization.

Happyforce widget is now available!

Show the level of happiness of your team on your web pages. You can customize it by language and by area. This is ours!

We make the easiest even easier.
Happyforce on multiple channels.

Improve the happiness of your company and connect with your employees in their usual workspaces.

Respect transparency and anonymity.

Ask questions and find out what happens.

Acknowledge, thank, inform, suggest...

Extend your range of action to the tools.


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Roberto - laboratorios quinton

Quinton Laboratories

Roberto Ruiz

“Happyforce improves communication between employees, and anonymously knows what worries them, thanks to this we can take the appropriate measures to improve and know if the staff feels part of the company and is happy to belong to it.”


Lidia Nicolau

“With Happyforce we more accurately identify good practices and positive actions. In addition, we can evaluate specific actions and launch messages, at the same time that we obtain feedback from the workers.”

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jose ramón Castañares - telxius

Telxius Telefónica Group

José Ramón Castañares

“We like the immediacy that Happyforce gives us, knowing in real time how events are affecting our staff…and being able to resolve them quickly. Turn an exchange of information into a conversation.”

Discover the benefits of measuring the employee experience continuously and in real time